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Jonathan Yaeger

Data Savers LLC

3088 Mercer University Drive

Suite 210

Atlanta, GA 30341

(770) 939-9363

About Us
Founded in 2005, Data Savers is an Atlanta, Georgia firm dedicated to digital data recovery at fair and reasonable (flat-rate) prices. We employ drive repair and data recovery techniques developed over nearly two decades of providing data recovery services. We are recognized experts in Apple™ data recovery – even by Apple!

Although we are not currently listed by Western Digital on their website, we have been recovery partners with WD for over a decade.


Our evaluations are free.  If you live in the continental USA, we will pay for inbound ground shipping of all drives.

Type of Storage Media We Work On

Our specialty is hard drive data recovery, but we also offer services for flash drives, SSDs, RAIDs, SANs, Zip™, and floppy drives.  We work on many MacBook Air® laptops as well as processor-embedded data in Microsoft® Surface Pro™ laptops

On-Site Equipment

We have a large array of hard drive tools and equipment, including many imagers (e.g. DDI SATA, SAS, USB & SSD); multiple PC3000’s; a special digital oscilloscope;  Ace and other flash drive tools; a certified clean room hood; mechanical aids such as head / platter tools and combs; special interface PCBs; multiple ROM readers and microscopes, as well as special SAS and SCSI firmware tools.  We have developed our own proprietary tools and techniques for head cleaning and drive decontamination.

Training Courses Attended

​We completed DeepSpar’s PC3000 training course, and over the years have passed various Apple course-based certifications.


Nobody’s seen it all and worked on it all, but it seems like we’ve come close in the 17+ years we have been in business.

Areas of Specialization

​While we enjoy high success rates overall, our particular strengths are WDC and Apple recoveries.

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