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Who We Are

Data Recovery Professionals is a group of independent, owner-operated data recovery companies from around the globe who share and collaborate on ideas and techniques. Collectively, we have been in data recovery for over 250 years and have each developed and discovered methods to recover data from many different storage devices. We share those techniques within the group, giving us a distinct advantage over the rest of the industry.

As a diverse group, we have specialists who concentrate on specific areas of data recovery, such as clean room work on hard drives, electronics expertise on SSDs and Flash Media, complex RAID array recoveries, and forensic work with cellphones. Data Recovery Professionals members use top-of-the-line data recovery hardware and software tools; you can find out more about these tools here. 

The cost of professional data recovery services sometimes exceeds the value of lost data. So, we understand why some people want to attempt data recovery themselves. But, many people are not receiving accurate advice online, especially if they search for a quick fix on Youtube. Therefore, many of our group members are active on our data recovery subreddit, AskADataRecoveryPro. In our Reddit forum, we help diagnose the issues with their storage device and advise them on the best course of action -- if a DIY situation is feasible. Or, we may tell them their attempts are likely to cause more harm to the media, in which case we can recommend a data recovery professional near them. The subreddit pros may not be a part of this group, but they have been vetted as an honest and trustworthy business.

As some group members have concentrated their skills in sub-fields of data recovery, like flash media recovery, video repair, or cellphone recovery, we do not all use the same equipment. But, generally, each lab has some or all of the following professional data recovery hardware and software:

PC-3000 Express

PC-3000 UDMA

PC-3000 SSD

PC-3000 Flash

PC-3000 Portable III

PC-3000 Mobile Phone

Deepspar Disk Imager

Deepspar PCIe Imager


Visual NAND Reconstructor

Flash Extractor

UFS Explorer Professional

R-Studio Technician


Who We Are Not

The Data Recovery Professionals group does not represent the data recovery industry. We are not an "association" and we pay no membership dues or fees. Like many technical services, the data recovery industry does not require accreditation or professional standards to be considered a data recovery engineer. Instead, our Data Recovery Professionals group has its own high standards for data recovery qualification and membership.

Therefore we are not a 'listing' of data recovery professionals. Each member has 'earned their stripes' in the industry and has proven themselves with participation in professional data recovery forums and training courses across the globe. Members who join the group have to be unanimously voted in. 

Tim Homer - Desert Data Recovery

Founder of Data Recovery Professionals

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