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Who Are We?

Who We Are Not

Data Recovery Professionals is a group of independent data recovery companies from around the world. We share and collaborate on ideas and techniques regarding professional data recovery, forensics and data recovery software development.

Many group members are beta testers for professional data recovery hardware and software manufacturers who supply the industry, helping those manufacturers get the most from their products. This work then feeds down to the rest of the data recovery community to help the industry become more efficient at what we do. Likewise, since we use those data recovery tools everyday, we constantly make creative suggestions on how to improve them.

The group does not represent the data recovery industry. We are not an "association". We are are a group of like minded individuals who constantly strive to offer our customers the best value for their money. While we do not represent data recovery manufacturers, we do of course use their products daily.

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What Is Professional Data Recovery

Professional Data Recovery

Forensics and Investigation

Beta Testing for Developers

"Data Recovery" describes the methods used to extract media from failed or corrupt storage devices, such as HDDs, SSDs, RAID Arrays, Flash Media, and Cellphones.

There are many consumer-level data recovery software tools available online. However, as professional data recovery technicians we use specialized hardware and software combinations to recover data from damaged devices. For example, by communicating directly with failed devices at a hardware level (without needing an interpreter, e.g., BIOS or Operating System) our tools allow us to fix underlying issues with storage devices, which is something not possible with consumer-level software. For hard drives this may include repairing corrupt firmware modules or perhaps recovering unreadable sectors of data due to mechanical problems. We also use cleanrooms to repair mechanical issues like failed read-write heads, bent spindles or failed motors. For flash medi, our tools allow us to read the RAW data from NAND chips, correct their ECC errors and reconstruct the controller's functions by mimicking XOR overlays and assembling the data by interpreting the devices bitmap.

Professional Data Recovery

Each member of the group is a full-time data recovery professional or Forensic scientist. Many of the member have been professionals for over 20 years.

To find out more about each member and to read a full bio about the engineer and the company, click here.

If you have a question for the group or want to contact us to discuss data recovery, please use our contact form.

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