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Dai Shimogaito

AIFORENSE Japan Data Recovery

Osaka-fu Osaka-city

Kita-ku Umeda 1-11-4-1000

Osaka Ekimae No 4 bldg 10F

Skype: daishimogaito

About Us
Data recovery specialists based in New York, USA and Osaka, Japan. We have 2 patented technology for recoverying data from hard disk drives that have been seriously damaged or intentionally destroyed. We have also received the Research & Development Award ( from the Institute of Digital Forensics, one of the most prestigious awards in the field. Relying on our extraordinary capacities in data recovery, Japanese police and courts frequently ask us to assist in investigation of important cases. In fact, in July 2022, we received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Shiga Prefectural Police in Japan for the contributions to a murder investigation as a digital forensic expert. Furthermore, we have served as a third-party examiner for the Association of Data Erasure Certification(

Type of Storage Media We Work On

  • HDD

  • SSD

  • RAID

  • NAS

  • USB Flash

  • High Capacity Storage Servers

  • Apple MacBooks, MS Surfaces

On-Site Equipment

  • PC-3000

  • MRT

  • Cleanroom

  • X-Ways Forensics

  • Winhex

  • Magnet Axiom

  • Cellebrite UFED

  • ABC Analyzer(Aiforense Binary Code Analyzer),

  • DDRH (Disaster Data Recovery for HDDs)

  • Soldering tools.

Training Courses Attended

  • AceLaboratory PC-3000

  • X-Ways

  • D3 Consulting

  • Rusolut

  • SANS


24+ years in the data recovery field

Areas of Specialization

We have developed a software which tailors the data recovery solution depending on each data loss case. 

Additional Information

We provide online data recovery consulting services in addition to our in-Lab DR & DF

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