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Scott Moulton

My Hard Drive Died

601b Industrial Court

Woodstock, GS 30189


About Us
My Hard Drive Died was founded in 2000.  My Hard Drive Died is a data recovery company that focuses on extracting data from damaged digital devices, in many cases we perform recoveries for lawyers and courts all over the world who need reporting to go with the recoveries with our sister company Forensic Strategy Services.

Type of Storage Media We Work On

  • Hard Drives (SSD and HDD)

  • Flash Drives

  • Servers, Virtual Machines, DVR devices

  • Damaged Databases

  • Smartphones

  • Embedded storage devices

On-Site Equipment

  • Laminar Cleanroom flow bench

  • PC-3000 UDMA

  • PC-3000 Flash

  • Atola Insight Imagers

  • Deepsar Disk Imagers

  • Deepspar SAS Imager

  • Forensic imagers
    •    Software including
    o    UFS Explorer Professional
    o    R-Studio
    o    Reclaime Pro
    o    X-Way Forensics
    o    Magnet Forensics
    o    Cellebrite


We have been in business over 30 years, training other people for over 14 years, and working on legal cases for 23 years.

Areas of Specialization

My Hard Drive Died has also trained many people, government agencies, and law enforcement around the world in how to work on damaged equipment. In addition to the data recovery tools that we use we also have numerous computer forensic software suites and handle cases for courts that we have extensive knowledge in. This allows us to work on recoveries using forensically sound methods. This allows us to recover data from storage mediums to be used in a legal matter and we can provide reports for courts, insurance companies, and law enforcement.

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