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Warning signs to avoid a lab

  1. multiple locations that turn out to only be a UPS mailbox or an executive suite that redirects your drive to an unknown location. Such places try to fool people into thinking that they are dealing with a local lab. If they get you through the door with deception, what other things are they doing to deceive you?

  2. claims of 99% success rates. There are so many reasons why data cannot be recovered and every lab gets them every day. In order to make this claim, these labs have to either exclude the impossible cases off the table, which then poses the question, why not 100% of the recoverable cases? Other tactics are to quote an insanely high number for impossible cases so that the client will refuse the quote, making it a declined recovery, not an unsuccessful case

  3. Shops who claim to offer extremely low cost data recovery have links to an overpriced lab where they likely make more money off the commissions than they do off their recoveries they do themselves.

That is my 2 cents worth.

Luke Coughey - Recovery Force

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