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Jeremy Brock

Recover My Flash Drive

955 Main Street, Apt 910

Bridgeport CT 06604


About Us
Recover My Flash Drive, LLC is privately owned by Jeremy Brock and was founded in 2007 as a computer repair / IT services company. We frequently saw failed flash drives but no service providers to recover data from these devices. Seeing a need for such a provider we shifted our resources into the development of tools and techniques necessary to recover data from failed flash media. We have a strong background in low level programming, reverse engineering both hardware and software, and hardware design. 

Type of Storage Media We Work On

  • USB Flash Drives 

  • SD Cards 

  • CF Cards 

  • Monolithic flash media 

  • SSD Data Recovery (In Development) 

On-Site Equipment

  • Soft-Center Flash Extractor 

  • Proprietary In-House NAND Flash Readers and Adapters 

Software Includes

  • Proprietary In-House Software 

  • UFS Explorer 

  • DMDE 

  • R-Studio 

  • Klennet Carver 

  • IDA Pro 

  • Various Hex Editors/Debuggers/Disassemblers/Compilers 

Areas of Specialization

  • Flash Memory

Flash Memory Technology
We’ve developed our own NAND readers and tools for analyzing proprietary flash protocols implemented by flash manufactures (eg: Micron, SanDisk, SK Hynix, etc). Including but not limited to voltage gate threshold protocols which allow us to read degraded flash memory chips that other professional data recovery tools can’t. We’ve also reverse engineered read protocols in many “not-supported” flash memory that professional data recovery tools can’t read. With the development of our own proprietary tools, we’re able to read low voltage interface flash memory as well. 

Custom Assemblers
Data isn’t stored sequentially in flash memory; professional data recovery tools try to emulate the drives controller to reconstruct data. Sometimes these assemblers don’t or can’t properly emulate the controller. Depending on the case we’re able to write our own custom assemblers that can yield better recovery results than professional data recovery tools. 

Monolithic Media
We are able to develop pinouts/schematics for monolithic media in-house as well as handle the many challenging difficulties that come with reading newer generation flash memory chips that are often embedded in these devices. We are very skilled with micro-soldering and have developed techniques that allow us to safely/easily solder 0.3mm (diameter) vias down to 0.2mm without bridging delicate connections. 


  • Over 15 Years of experience in flash data recovery. 25 Years in electronics repair and software programming. Over 1+ years in the Professional Data Recovery field

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