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Luke Coughey

Recovery Force

2-350 Speedvale Ave W

Guelph, ON N1H 7M7


Skype ID: lcoughey

About Us

A family run business where we treat each client like we want to be treated.  We started as an on-site computer service company in 1995 and after several years of offering data recovery services rebranded as Recovery Force in 2001.

When we first started doing data recovery, we would do what we could internally and outsource complex cases to various labs with whom we tried to negotiate better pricing for our clients.  Sadly, even with negotiated pricing, we were finding that the majority of cases we would send out would be declined because our customers were just not willing to spend that much to recover their files. As we grew in knowledge and experience while investing in more technology, we grew from a computer shop who outsourced clean room projects to now being a clean room where computer shops and some smaller data recovery labs outsource their data recovery projects.

Our clients vary from government, universities, insurance, global corporations, small business, students and the average home user.  We treat everyone equally and don’t charge differently because of who you are or the perceived value of your data.


We have thousands of donor drives in inventory, helping to speed up the recovery process.


We are very proud of our relationship with computer technicians and resellers, offering discounts and even encouraging our resellers to call and ask questions.

We work closely with data recovery equipment manufactures and software developers, frequently getting early access to put new product releases to the test before they are released.


Our flat rate pricing can be found at


Our customer portal for creating and sending data recovery ticket is


We also have data recovery forums where people can post questions for us to answer.

Types of Storage Media We Work On

  • Hard drives (Internal and external)

  • Solid state drives

  • USB flash drives 

  • Camera cards (SD/CF/MicroSD)

  • RAIDs

  • DVRs

  • All file systems

On-Site Equipment

  • Multiple PC-3000 UDMA's

  • PC-3000 Express

  • PC-3000 Portable

  • PC-3000 Flash

  • PC-3000 SAS

  • PC-3000 SSD

  • PC-3000 RAID

  • Flash Extractor

  • Deepsar Disk Imager with PCIe and USB Add-ons

  • Rapidspar

  • Class 10 Cleanroom

  • MRT Ultra

Training Courses

  • Computer Science Drop-Out

  • Self-Taught at School of Hard Knocks


  • Involved in Professional Data Recovery for over 25 years

Areas of Specialization

  • Cases where others give up

  • RAID recoveries

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