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Jan Petermann

Smartmod Datenrettung

Wasserweg 8-10

60594 Frankfurt am Main


+49 (69) 6605 3680

About Us

smartmod GmbH is a professional data recovery & repair provider based in the heart of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Founded as a repair provider for mobile devices in 2002, we have quickly become one of the most important independent repair centers in Germany.


On the repair side, we specialize in chip level rework and repairs, such as logic board repairs for Smartphones, Tablets and laptops. As data recovery has always been a big part of the repair business (not a few devices only get repaired for data), it was a logical step to expand our services into data recovery. Around 13 years ago we started building a data recovery lab and today offer data recovery from all common storage media.


Our services include data recovery from SSDs, Flash Drives as well as physically damaged hard drives. Given the close professional relation to mobile device repair, we can also provide data recovery services from severely damaged encrypted devices, such as iPhones and iPads and access data on passcode-locked or software-damaged devices.


As we can often successfully recover data even after many other services have given up, we have quickly made a name as a last resort for seemingly hopeless cases. Today we are not only acting as a data recovery service for consumers, government and business customers, but also as a silent partner for many repair shops and some of the largest data recovery companies in the world who outsource their most complex recovery cases to us.


Our data recovery team, led by our CEO Jan Petermann, strives to deliver the best possible recovery results while coping with the everyday challenges of and keeping up to date with the newest developments in storage technology and encryption.


For more information about our services or to start a recovery with us, please visit

Type of Storage Media We Work On

  • Internal Hard Drives

  • External Hard Drives

  • Solid State Drives (SSD and NVMe)

  • Flash Drives

  • SD/CF/Micro SD cards

  • RAID - All types of servers and controllers

  • NAS incl. Drobo, QNAP, Synology etc.

  • DVRs

  • On-Board SSD Recovery

  • Mac / Windows / Linux / EXT

  • Mobile devices, such as Smartphones and Tablets

  • UAVs

On-Site Equipment

  • Ace Lab PC-3000 Express

  • Ace Lab PC-3000 RAID

  • Ace Lab PC-3000 SSD

  • Ace Lab PC-3000 Flash

  • Ace Lab PC-3000 Portable III

  • Rusolut VNR Visual Nand Recontructor

  • Rusolut eMMC-NAND Reconstructor

  • Softcenter Flash Extractor

  • Z3X/Easy JTAG

  • MR NAND adapters

  • Deepspar USB-Stabilizer

  • Cellebrite UFED Ultimate

  • Oxygen Forensics Detective

  • Multiple fully equipped microsoldering workstations

  • ZEISS microscopes

  • FLIR infrared camera

  • Ersa IR BGA Rework Station

  • Finetech Fineplacer pico Hotair BGA Rework Station

  • Class-10 Cleanroom

  • and various additional tools


  • In IT services and repair for more than 20 years

  • In data recovery for more than 13 years

Areas of Specialization

​All forms of data recovery to include hard drives falling from balconies, submerged due to flooding, angry spouse slamming fists down on computer as well as kids who ran around in the house and knocked over the family hard drive with all of their photos on them.

Additional Information

  • Chiplevel Rework and data recovery from severely damaged, hardware-encrypted mobile devices (Android phones, iPhone, iPad and others)

  • Onboard-SSD-Recovery from mobile devices, such as Apple MacBook and Microsoft Surface

  • Data recovery from Memory Cards and Flash Media

  • Cleanroom recovery from physically damaged harddrives

  • Forensics and data recovery from passcode-locked devices

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