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Tom Rodruiguez

UTI Dos Dados

Av Trindade 254

Conj 714 /715

Barueri, São Paulo 06404-326


Phone : + 55 (11) 4375-2518

Skype : utidosdados

About Us
We are a company that operates throughout the Brazilian territory, with 20 years of experience in Technology, computer repair, electronic repairs and specialized IT services.

For 10 years we have specialized in data recovery and for 3 years we have been offering digital forensics services.

We assist Law enforcement and obtain forensic images of damaged media, mainly HDs, SSDs and Cell Phones. We have strategic partnerships for the sustainable growth of our business and our partners.

For data recovery jobs for end customers and companies, we provide this link for cost predictability.

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Type of Storage Media We Work On

  • HDD

  • SSD

  • DVR

  • Flash Drive

  • SDcards

On-Site Equipment

  • PC-3000 UDMA

  • PC-3000 Portable III

  • DDI

  • Rapdispar

  • Spark

  • USB Stabilizer

  • Guardonix

  • Tableau

  • FR100

  • PC-3000 Mobile

  • Data Compass and Microsoldering Tools.

Training Courses Attended

  • PC-3000


  • Certifications in Digital Forensics

  • Studying cyber defense.

Areas of Specialization

  • Digital Forensics

  • Microsoldering

Additional Information

We offer digital forensics and recovery services to individuals, companies and law enforcement agencies in Brazil.

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